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Krikor Markarian has been a collector of Armenian art for more than 30 years. His collections consist of a variety of Armenian items such as, illuminated manuscripts and a large collection of early printed books. In addition, daily newspapers dating from the 19th century, church vestments, silver and gold religious objects, chalices, ornate crosses, embroidered chalice covers, silver belts, gold buckles, symbols, baptismal curtains, silver candle holders, altar decorations, large altar curtains and other textiles.


The collection is also made up of 17th-19th century Catholicos, Bishop and Vartabed staffs each made of silver. Oil paintings of major Armenian artist's such as Sarian, Mahokhian, Jivanian, Carzu, Kotchar, Hagopian, Atamian, Shabanian, K. Pashinjagian, Y. Tatevossian, S. Khachadourian, V.Elibekian, Jansem and others are also part of the collected works.


Coin - front
Tigranus Tetradrakhma 95-55 BC
Coin - back


All wool pillow case
A 19th century Armenian pillow case all wool 2'x3'

Processional Cross
Large Armenian processional cross (jajanchavor khatch) inscribed and dated 300 years old

 Religious textile
A linen religious textile called (por urar) from India called chintz inscribed and dated 1766
Detail view

Bishops staff
A bishops staff 19th century 6' high

Chalice cover
A silk chalice cover approx. 2'x 2' gifted to armash monastery 19th century

Hand cross
A medieval hand cross silver 10' high inscribed in Armenian

Painting by V. Surenyants circa 1890 signed water color on paper 40 x 28 cm

Four illustration from 17th century bible on paper

Silk belts
Two silk Armenian ladies 7, long belts inscribed in Armenian and dated 1900

Holy oil dispenser
Silver 30 cm high holy oil dispenser inscribed in Armenian and dated

Armenian bible, printed in 1769,
With full silver binding.
Early 20th Century Record
Gomidas Vartabed playing the piano
and Armenag Shahmouradian singing ,Mayr Araksi
$100 Stock#157
** Other records available
Medival Khatchkat Cross
Stone Granite 9" x 11" 3"thick.
Pair of Wooden Bath Slippers
Used in the public bath. Given as a wedding gift to brides.
Inscribed in Armenian and dated 1891 with
fancy silver thread work on the straps.
$350 stock #105
Silver and Brass Altar Decoration
19th Century Istanbul work.
$2400.stock #103
(view 1)
Silver and Brass Altar Decoration
19th Century Istanbul work $2400.stock #103
(view 2)
Armenian inscription 19th century
8 1/2 diameter from Arapgir
Cane with Silver and Enamel Handle
Made for Bishop Arslanian 19th Century inscribed in Armenian.
$2000 stock #104
Pair of Wooden Bath Slippers
Used in the public bath. Given as a wedding gift to brides.
Inscribed in Armenian and dated 1891 with
fancy silver thread work on the straps.
$350 stock #105
Silk and Wool Ladies Belt
Inscribed in Armenian and dated 1892 from Garabagh.
$900. stock #106
The first Armenian printed bible
Printed in Amsterdam in 1666, by Osgan Yerevantsi. View 2
Silver Bible Binding with wood frame 9 1/2 x 8.
Inscribed in Armenian.18th or early 19th century Istanbul work with pure Armenian style.
Silver Bible Binding- 6 1/2 x 6
Armenian inscribed mid 19th century from Sepasdia
6 Silver Teacup Holders
With enamel work from Van. 19thCentury.
$2200. stock #108
Silver Altar Decoration
Has the shape of the cross 19th Century.
12 1/2 high Istanbul work Inscribed in Armenian $2200.Stock#136
Bishop Belt Buckle
Silver and sea shell. 19th Century.
Inscribed with Biblical scenes.
$900. stock #109
Silver Liqure Set
Mother Armenia and names of Armenian towns.
Late 19th Century
$1800 stock#137
Silver and enamel cup
19th century . pictures of Etchmiazin Cathedral and Mt. Arart. Inscribed in armenian. from VAN.
stock # 163. $ 1450.
Copper Pitcher- Dated 1887
Inscribed in Armenian 17 1/2 high 7 1/2 wide from Anteb
$700 Stock #138
Silver Belt
19th Century with Armenian inscription from Van.
$1800. Stock #111
Printed Bible
Dated 1733 in Venice with velvet and silver binding.
12 1/2 x 10 1/2 stock #139 View 1
Kutahia Porcelain Pitcher
18th Century with silver mouth. 7 1/2 high
$2800 Stock #112
Printed Bible
Dated 1733 in Venice with velvet and silver binding.
12 1/2 x 10 1/2 stock #139 View 2
Kutahia Porcelain Plate.
18th century 7 1/2 diameter.
$2500. Stock#113
Arsen Chabanian
Painting 23 1/2 x 26 1/2
stock # 140
18th century 7 1/2 x 7 1/2 made for altar decoration.
$1600. stock #114
Wartan Mohokian
Painting 3'4 x 2'2 stock #141
Copper Tray
Armenian inscribed dated 1775, from Van.3 1/2 6 1/2diameter.
$2700.stock #115
Wartan Mohokian
Painting 2' x 2'2
stock# 142
One of the first printed Bibles in Armenian
Printed in Amsterdam 1668.
New Testament with silver binding
Stock# 143 $5,500
View 1 View 2
Ladies Belt
Silver with enamel 19th century from Tokat.
Inscribed in Armenian
$1100. stock #117
Early Manuscript with 32 pages of illuminations,
original binding.
In good condition. A gospel book.
Stock # 144 Price on request
View 1 View 2 View 3
Insence Burner
Silver 19th century from Kars
$2200.Stock #118
Early Manuscript
Gospel Book with many pages of illuminations. Good condition with original binding circa 1500
stock # 145 Price on request
Troshag, Monthly newspaper
The Organ of Tashnag Party,
printed in Paris France, 6 volumns from 1890 to 1932, all bound in good condition
Printed Yearly Book
1913 in good condition
Stock #146 $250 I have the complete collection from 1907 to 1929
Tobacco Box
Silver and enamel with Mts. Ararat
and Masis and Lake Sevan.
19th century Van work
$1200 stock #120
Religious Vestment
Late 18th early 19th century silk and metal threads.
Sivas work.
Stock#147 $3000
Tobacco Box
Silver with Mother Armenia on one side and
Etchmiadzin on the other side. Late19th Century.
$800.Stock #121
Vartebet Staff, 19th Century
Top section gold plated, 6' high
Stock# 148 $3200
Silver gilded bird
Made in Van in 1859 and gifted to St. Gevorg Church
Stock #121
Garabag Rug
6 1/2 x 4 1/2 dated and inscribed 1891
with a dog motif
stock#149 $4500
Silver gided bishops staff.
view 2
Garabag Rug
7 1/2 x 4 1/2 dated and inscribed 1904
with deer motif
Stock # 150 $1800
Copper Plate
Inscribed and dated 1671 13�diameter. From Kharpert
$1600. Stock#124
Arsen Chabanian
painting 2 1/2 x 2 1/
Tobacco Box
Silver and enamel inscribed in Armenian with the picture of Varak Vank of Van 19th century with the makers signature in Armenian.
Chalice Cover
wool and silver thread,3 1/2 x 3 1/2 Armenian inscribed and dated 1882 from Marash
stock #152 $1200
Copper Bath Soap Carrier
inscribed and dated 1893.
Was used when ladies go to the public bath.
Use was for washcloth and soaps. 9 1/2 long,7 1/2 high
$350 stock#126
Religious Curtain
19th century 2 1/2 x 2'6 velvet and silver work from Dikranagerd
stock #153 $1100
House Lamp- Brass with canvass.
19th century with Armenian markers signature.
Copper Candle Holder
1 1/2 high 18th century inscribed in Armenian
stock #154 $750
Brass Scribe Set
Makers Armenian signature{Hagop} dated 1867.$250.
Silver Chalice Cover Plate
18th century 5 1/2 diameter inscribed in Armenian
stock #155 $1800
Silver with gold plated bible binding.
inscribed and dated 1761. from . gesaria.
stock # 161 . $ 2500.
Marash Needlework Bed Cover
19th Century - 6'2 x 5'8 - $1100 .Stock#158
Silver insense burner
19 th century. from SEVAS. inscribed in armenian
stock # 162 . $ 2800.
Silver church oil lamp
19th century. 3, high 1, wide. inscribed in armenian.
stock # 164. $ 4000.
Caucasian dagger
With silver sheath, inscribed in Armenian and dated1735 17" long with ivory handle
$ 2400.
Caucasian or VAN{turkey} dagger.
With silver and leather sheath,enamel work.
Armenian inscribed, late 19th century 17" long
Mother Armenia needlepoint
Inscribed in Armenian and dated 1904. 2,6x2,
$ 950 .
View 1View 2
17th century ATCH
Silver with gilting, all inscribed in Armenian.
Garabagh rug 7,1x4.5
Inscribed in armenian and dated 1931 in perfect condition
$ 1400 Stock # 1673
Armenian bible
printed in constantinople in 1796
with silver binding,in good condition
Armenian bible
printed in constantinople in 1805, with silver binding, in good condition.
Armenian bible
printed in constantinople in 1805, with silver binding, in good condition.
Part of Armenian religious vestment
( vagas) silver on velvet 19th century
$ 1300
17th century Persian armenian porcelain plate
11" diameter, in the
center apears the name NAZARET in stylised
letters, formerly in a,hazarian collection.
18th century KUTAHIA plate
with armenian dancing girl
A very important travel book
Travels of Sr.John Chardin into Persia,
Caucasus and Armenia, in 1686, with many engraved photos of Armenia.
18th century silver crown
Inscribed in Armenian
Copper pitcher and its bowl
( large) 2, diameter. early 19th century carved in Armenian,from Gesaria.
Pair of cymbals gifted to St, Marys Church in 1635, 8 inches in diameter
View 1 View 2
History of Armenian Gesaria,
By Arshag Alboyajyan,
2 volums printed in cairo in 1937, good condition
Kutahia pilgrims flask
18th century , good condition
A pair of kutahia hanging ornament
18th century
Kutahia pitcher
with armenian inscription 18th century 11" high good condition
Kutahia vase
with armenian inscription good condition 11" high
Kutahia hanging ornament
18th century
Frederic Macler books
on armenian architecture,manuscripts, and miniatures,
in french,3 volumes printed in 1928, View 2

Processional Cross
Bronz inscribed in Armenian and dated 1343.
Silver Chalice
Dated 1642 gifted to a church in Istanbul.
Silver Chalice
Dated 1838 gifted to a St.Mary church.
Silk Rug
(Contempory) 3'1 x 2'1, Lord Prayer (Hayrmer) done with different style of Armenian letters.
Alter Curtain
Silver thread on solk - 22" x 27" in Armanian , dated 1785.
Chalice Cover
Silver thread and silk on linen 31" x 31",
inscribed in Armenian, dated 1805
Chalice cover
Silk and silver thread on linen. Early 19th century 3' in diameter, incribed in Armenian . Gifted to St. Garabed Monestary in Kaisery (Gesaria)
Chalice Cover
Silver thread on silk - 29" x 33". Early 19th century Armenian inscribed.
Painted Altar Curtain
19th century , 2'2 x 3' Armanina inscription
Chalice Cover
Silver thread on velvet - 37" x 33" incsribed in Armenian, dated 1838
Highly important Altar curtain

Silver and other metal thread on silk 5'10 x 4'. Gifted to St Garabed Monestary in 1763, depicting St James (Hagop) head in a plate.
Silver altar decoration
early 19th century inscribed in armenian 20" x 12".
Silver altar decoration
early 19th century inscribed in armenian 20" x 13"
Altar Curtain 18th Century Hand painted with biblical, it belonged to St Nishan Monestary in Sevas. 23'7 x 12'9 -- 390 x 720 cm.
View 1 View 2
Large Armenian atlas printed in Venice in 1849, many pages with details all in Armenian 2'x 1'6.>
View 1 View 2
Persian Armenian Plate
17th century [safavid period] with armenian inscription in the middle of it, could be Vahan or Vahakn
One of the first printed Armenian books, its called Domar Krikorian Gregorian Calander-Printed in Rome in 1584
View 1 View 2
Book of prayers printed in Rome in 1642- In Armenian and Latin.
View 1View 2
# 1947, hand painted altar curtain 19th century 7,2x14,= 220x430cm.depicting, St. Gregory baptising king DIRTAD the first christian king.
View 1 View 2
Armenian gospel book from eastern armenia , dated 1690, manuscript on paper,with its original binding,in excelent condition, price on request
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CHARLES [GARABED] ATAMIAN vase of flours Vase of flowers
JANSEM Young girl, black and white.
SISAGAN history of SIOUNYATS rigion, by GHEVONT ALISHAN printed in venice in 1903,
AYRARAD natural history of armenia by GHEVONT ALISHAN printed in venice in 1890
SISOUAN history of cilicia LEVON THE GREAT by GHEVONT ALISHAN printed in venice in 1885
HAYABADOUM armenian history by GHEVONT ALISHAN printed in venice in 1901
SHIRAG pictorial history of shirak region by GHEVONT ALISHAN printed in venive in 1881
Hovanes [jean] alhazian oil on canvas snowy landscape 55x43cm.
Hovanes [jean] alhazian oil on canvas landscape 45x45cm.
JIVANIAN MEGERDITCH 1849--1906,sea scape ,50x35cm. oil on sheet metal , signed.
PANOS TERLEMEZIAN 1865---1941, tulips,47x57cm.oil on panel.
SOURENYANTS VARTGES 1860---1921, self portrait, watercolor 28x38cm.
A G B U flag or emblem inscribed and dated 1906 . all silk 4' 7" x3'
silver and gilded 18th century armenian cross 11" long, called JAJANCHAVOR KHATCH
View 1View 2
Bible printed in Constantinopol in 1805 with silver cover.
View 1View 2
Bible dated 1646 printed in Rome ,the binding is bone,could be ivory.
In very good condition.
History of Armenian Emigrations, by Archhag Alboyadjian, in three volumes, 1941- 1955- 1961
View 1View 2
Sharagnots Book or Book of hymes dated 1664 printed in Amsterdam by Osgan Yerevantsi.
In very good condition.
Vartges sourenyants painting of nadir shah Dated 1906. It's watercolor on paper 20x28cm.signed and dated 1906
Vartges sourenyants painting 20x26cm.watercolor on paper signed. The story by hovanes Tumanian
Church Curtain
An 18th century church curtain approx, 7x10 all silk and silver thread. Dated 1785 with names of donors
Church Curtain
Another church curtain approx, 7x10 made needle point and donated to church in 1870
Priest Vestments all silk around 18th century
Another Vestment (POR URAR) 18th century
Pillow Face
MARASH textile pillow face 19th century
Kazak Carpet inscribed in Armenian and dated 1865 good condition
Konia Yasdik 19th century approx, 2x3
Krikor Markarian
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